Wolf Waking Crew


10 Questions About Me

Nickname:  Scotchbabes...parents.  Go figure.

A Perfect Date:  Any alone time with my wife.  With kids age 6 and 9, alone time is at a

I'd Wait In Line To:  Get the perfect steak...yum!

Perfect Weekend:  Taking the kids and my wife camping...oh, and our two dogs, too.

Letter Of The Alphabet I Hate Most:  E.  It is so popular.  Anywhere you go, E is hanging

Biggest Peeve:  Things that won't fix when I am trying to fix them.  Oviously, it is the item's

First Job:  Delivered newspapers and spent half the time running away from really mean dogs.

Favorite Parent Saying:  "Obviously the makers of Trivial Pursuit got the answers wrong."

Favorite Pizza Topping:  Anything with mushrooms!

Ending Of Favorite Joke:  ....the taste.


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