Lonnie Bell


Listen to Lonnie Bell's Classic Country, Sundays, 8a-Noon!
Lonnie Bell came to Montana 42 years ago to fill in for one weekend and the
rest they say, is history. Lonnie is a legend in the broadcasting field, introducing country
and western listeners to groups like Alabama and singing sensation, Loretta Lynn.

"I discovered Loretta in the state of Washington and was the emcee for Alabama’s
first ever concert," notes Bell, who was inducted into the Country Music DJ Hall of Fame
in Nashville, TN in 2005. He is one of only 70 members in this elite group.

"Working for BMG radio keeps me young," says Bell who is also considered
one of the top radio sales people in the state.
"I don't have time to slow down, this is too much fun." 
A little more about Lonnie:

Where were you born?      Enterprize, West Virginia
Favorite food...                     Potatoes
Favorite beverage...            Beer
Favorite TV show...             Wheel of Fortune
Top 5 Movies of all time... Gone With The Wind
                                               She Wore A Yellow Ribbon
                                               From Here To Eternity
                                               No Time for Sergeants
Favorite color...                    Red
If I wasn’ doing this, I’d be... Retired!
What was on your grade school lunch box? I used a brown paper bag
Favorite radio format...       Blue Grass
The world would be a better place if... everyone would be good to one another.
Four people in history you’d most like to have dinner with...  Ben Franklin 
                                                                                                            Babe Ruth
                                                                                                            Abe Lincoln
                                                                                                            Cindy Walker

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